AXI Tank Sampler 16 oz.

The AXI Tank Sampler can take liquid samples from any level in the storage tank. When the AXI Tank Sampler is lowered into the tank until the Tank Sampler's plunger contacts the tank's bottom, the plunger assembly opens, admitting a sample. To sample from any desired level in the tank, the plunger can be actuated by a plunger pull chain attached to the plunger through the threaded hole at the top of the plunger's stem. Additionally, the bottom of the plunger accepts a #10-24 threaded rod that can be of any desired length, enabling samples to be taken from a precisely repeatable level in the tank. The TS16-SS takes a 16 oz. (473 ml) fluid sample, and is made of 304 stainless steel with a Viton "O" ring. 

AXI Tank Sampler 16 oz.
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  • Item #: TS16-SS
  • Manufacturer: Algae-X
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: TS16-SS
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Price $508.00

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